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BCBG Happy HourWhen is BCBG Happy Hour?

Be sure to stop by Brick City Bar and Grill Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 7:00 pm because your favorite local sports bar near Prudential Center is offering Happy Hour in the main bar.


Another way to enhance the enjoyment of your Happy Hour in Newark NJ is to come to Brick City Bar and Grill on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday because each day runs a special you simply do not want to miss.


These days are important not to miss because twe have specials running all day long. That means that Martini Tuesday, Sangria Wednesday, and Avion Tequila Thursday have just added a little color and taste to the middle days of your week.


But you don’t need to come on a specific day in order to enjoy those $4.00 Domestic Drafts or the delicious appetizers for $7.00, because that’s what Happy Hour is all about.